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Shoals is a leading provider of electrical balance of system or “EBOS” solutions for solar energy projects in the United States. EBOS encompasses all of the components that are necessary to carry the electric current produced by solar panels to an inverter and ultimately to the power grid. EBOS components are mission-critical products that have a high consequence of failure, including lost revenue, equipment damage, fire damage, and even serious injury or death. EBOS components that we produce include cable assemblies, inline fuses, combiners, disconnects, recombiners, wireless monitoring systems, junction boxes, transition enclosures and splice boxes. As a result, we believe customers prioritize reliability and safety over price when selecting EBOS solutions.

Shoals was founded to provide EBOS solutions that reduce installation costs and improve reliability and safety and it was the first company in the industry to successfully commercialize “plug-n-play” EBOS systems that use simple push connectors rather than the wire “crimps” used in conventional systems. Shoals derives the majority of its revenues from selling “system solutions” which are complete EBOS systems that include several of its products, many of which are customized for the customer’s project. We believe our system solutions are unique in our industry because they integrate design and engineering support, proprietary components and innovative installation methods into a single offering that would otherwise be challenging for a customer to obtain from a single provider or at all. Using push connectors allows our system to be installed by general labor rather than electricians. Our core plug-n-play product is the “Big Lead Assembly” or BLA. The BLA combines the functionality of cable assemblies, combiner boxes and fusing into one product that does not require licensed electricians to install. We believe our BLA costs less to install and is more reliable than any other solar EBOS system commercially available today.

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